Presbyterian Women

The women of the Presbyterian Church share a common history from the time of the establishment of the Presbyterian Church USA in 1789 to the start of the Civil War in 1861.  Their stories start in local congregations when they responded with good deeds to the needs of society.  This is the grassroots efforts by women to show their religious beliefs, expressed by doing for others. Even to this day, our women gather useful items to donate to different organizations in our community from the elderly, to the young adult, to the school child, right on down to the infant.

The value of the individual member is of utmost concern of Presbyterian Women (PW). Alternative programming is provided to meet the needs of individuals: their interest, perspectives, time, commitments, and physical capacities. PW believes that an environment grounded in Christian beliefs promotes the full growth of each person. This environment renews, strengthens and empowers the individual to participate in the life and work of the church which is a servant community of Christ.

In order to do God’s work, we search the Scriptures and pray that God will show us the way. PW believes that spiritual development and growth require us to keep our hearts open for God’s call to involvement.

In our life together we commit to build an inclusive, caring community where we share the gifts of each other, thereby providing a place where women can grow in faith and in understanding of all people and differences.

Membership is open to all women. PW members are those who choose to participate and be supportive of PW in any way. The PW determines its own leadership, program and budget. Decisions are made by voting or consensus at gatherings that have representation from each group (council meetings). PW values open, circular communication that provides free exchange of ideas and perspectives.  Flexibility is encouraged.


Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit,

We commit ourselves:

To Nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study, (Each year we participate in a Horizons Bible Study, 2014-2015 is “Reconciling Paul, A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians”))

To support the mission of the church worldwide, (we contribute to the Birthday Offering which is given to a project for the needy; this year the collection was for “women against domestic violence,” fellowship of the LEAST COIN which links prayer and “least coin” in a significant way, as the “least coin” becomes the symbol of prayer for peace and reconciliation. The gathering of coins  goes into a common fund where the identity of the donor is lost and the oneness of women in their common quest for peace is symbolized. ).

To work for justice and peace, and

To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God’s Kingdom.  (The women at Community are involved in many mission projects to include aid to our local schools by donating school supplies, volunteering time as well as providing a meal to the homeless during “Night’s Welcome,” providing support to a local nursing home and local charities, and providing mentorship to MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers).

The women of Community provide tremendous support to the church body.  They are involved in any project in which they are asked to help without hesitation. They help with Bible School, Preschool Sunday, funeral receptions, Thanksgiving baskets, Angel Tree, Christmas caroling and cookie bakes, sandwich ministry, Spring Flings, Fall Festivals, Easter Egg Hunts, to name a few as well as many more.