Director of Music

The role that music plays in the context of worship—the instrumentation and singing of songs, is simply more than just listening to and singing songs before and after a sermon each Sunday. The content that we sing plays a critical role in forming, shaping, expressing, and responding to what we believe. Music serves as an important component of worship, but is not meant to “produce” worship itself.

We should sing with our spirit, but also sing with our mind (1 Corinthians 14:15).

Thus, we believe that the Gospel must be of the utmost importance when leading and teaching the “gathered” church. This involves the active recognition of God’s holiness and our sinfulness, repentance that leads to the assurance of our salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord, and the restoration of new lives that are transformed to serve Him faithfully. To be Gospel-centered is to be renewed as idols are challenged and shattered so that we can acknowledge the only true God of our lives.

Lori Ward

Mrs. Lori Ward is the Secretary of the Church and also the Director of our Pre-School.

The learning center strategy uses eight basic learning centers to address the countless objectives of American early childhood classrooms, attempting to develop the student’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and aesthetic abilities.

There are eight basic learning centers in an early childhood/elementary classroom, according to the Stephen F. Austin State University Charter School program, each structured to expand the students’ experiences in a variety of meaningful and effective ways.

Each center is constructed to encompass numerous objectives, including state and federal standards, school standards, and community standards:

Art Center
Blocks Center
Dramatic Play
Library Center
Muscle Center
Music Center
Table Games Center